Who are we?

CANDY SHOP from the candy Importers specializes in importing, marketing and distributing sweets and products to events from around the world, with knowledge and experience of over two decades.
The company has two main channels of activity, one imports, marketing and distributing sweets and products for retail chains and suppliers all over the country.
The additional channel deals with the manufacture of original gift enclosures tailored to all the range of chocolate and candy brands from Israel and around the world.
The company's staff is leading to innovation and visits a wide exhibition around the world, with the aim of providing customers with a full range of chocolates and delicious high quality sweets.

Gift baskets and gifts for businesses and institutions

CANDY SHOP manufactures and supplies sweet gift enclosures According to the customer's requirements and budget at its disposal, including branding and designs that metabofy the boundary between reality and imagination. The packages are suitable for companies of any size that are interested in surprising their employees with full enclosures in all cases and in accordance with the demand.

Importing, marketing and spreading sweets

CANDY SHOP has had knowledge and experience over two decades and specializes in importing, marketing and distributing sweets to retail chains, private clients and wholesalers all over the country. The company has a strict and rigorous work methodology that guarantees full availability, a professional service system and unique sweets from all over the world.

Birthdays and parties

CANDY SHOP with you at parties and birthdays, offering a variety of products and surprising packages to institutions and producing for memorable reasons. You have a wide range of unique products such as sugar sheets, branding for events, colourful equipment, decorations, sweets for bar tables, for birthdays and more.

Investing every customer – all the heart

  • Sweets and chocolates in all types of Kashruth
  • Attractive prices – from the retail to the consumer
  • Logistic Center for the preparation of all kinds of enclosures
  • Customization – by a professional team attentive to the customer
  • Warm family relation – 100% satisfied.

Fast shipping within 72 hours

Free shipping in Purchase over 400 NIS

Uncompromising quality 

Personal attention, customer service 24/7

Meet the Brands